• Simon Nudd

Mexico Recruitment Trip proves a major success

Ibrom has just spent 7 months in Mexico on a talent identification trip recruiting players on behalf of Chelsea FC's academy in New Zealand

Picture courtesy of Cecaff

Coach Ibrom had this to say:

" I always love coming to Mexico as it's always proved to be a very strong recruitment location for us. Sebastian Rodriguez has proved this when we identified him as a young player in Monclova before he spent time in New Zealand before travelling to Chelsea for a professional trial with the club.

There's so much talent in the country and i truly believe Mexico will continue to produce more and more top flight professionals.

I travelled throughout the southern part of Mexico running clinics and trials in Tizimin, Playa Del Carmen, Cancun and Merida observing some 500 players. The last portion of my trip was in Monterrey and Monclova observing a number of very talented players as young as ten years old. "

Picture courtesy of Cecaff

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